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CIVIL WAR - OHIO RIVER. Coast Survey. 1864.

Ohio River between Mound City and Cairo ... A. D. Bache, Supdt.... Rear Admiral D. D. Porter ... 1864.

Published 1866. 15"h x 22"w. Large scale (1 mile to 2 3/4 inches). Slight browning at two fold lines; good. Stephenson 213.5.

This map was surveyed and prepared during the Civil War under order of Rear Admiral Porter, Commander of the Mississippi Squadron, so military and industrial facilities are emphasized. North is to the right on this map, so Illinois is at the top and Kentucky at the bottom. Mound City, Illinois, is at the right and includes a naval depot, a hospital and a rail line. At the left is Cairo, Illinois. Ft. Cairo is at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. The Illinois Central RR comes into Cairo and to the fort.

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VIRGINIA. Johnson and Ward. 1862/1864.

Johnson's Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, and Peninsula Campaign in Virginia. Showing also the interesting localities along the James, Chickahominy and York Rivers. Compiled from the Official Maps of the War Department. By Johnson and Ward.

Upper margin shows pages 35 and 36. At bottom neatline: Entered ... year 1862 by J. Knowles Hare ... New York.

18 inches high by 27 inches wide. Original wash color. Lower margin close as issued and chipped at centerfold. Image very good.

This is version 2 of 11 known versions according to Ira Lourie, and was used by publishers Johnson and Ward in 1864-66. Later versions were published by A. J. Johnson.

The basis for this map is “Hare's Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, and Peninsular Campaign in Virginia. Showing also the interesting Localities along the James, Chickahominy and York Rivers Compiled from the official maps of the War Department.” New York: W. Reid Gould, 1862. Hare’s map has greater coverage west of Richmond.

This is a double-page map of the vicinity of Richmond, illustrating the Union advance from Hampton Roads to less than ten miles from Richmond and then the Union retreat during the 1862 Peninsular Campaign of the Civil War. Counties, place names, railroads, wagon roads and topographical features are shown. Depth soundings are given for the James and York Rivers.

Alvin Jewett Johnson (1827-1884) was an American map publisher active from 1856 to the mid-1880s. In 1860 the Johnson firm published its first significant work, the Johnson’s New Illustrated (Steel Plate) Family Atlas. Johnson and Ross C. Browning (1832 - 1899) apparently bailed out the J. H. Colton publishing firm in exchange for the right to use Colton’s existing map plates. Johnson then described his firm as the “Successors to J. H. Colton and Company”. In 1861, following the outbreak of the Civil War the Johnson and Browning firm moved their office from Richmond, Virginia to New York City. Johnson and Browning published two editions of the Johnson Family Atlas, one in Richmond in 1860 and the other in New York in 1861. Sometime in 1861 or 1862 Benjamin Ward bought Browning’s portion of the firm, and Ward’s name replaced Browning’s on the imprint. The firm published updated editions of the atlas until 1865 after which Ward’s name no longer appears.

Reference: Lourie, Ira. Johnson Map Project.

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CIVIL WAR - GEN. PORTER'S TRIAL. Events of 1862.

Board Map, No. 1. Map of Battle-Grounds of August 28th., 29th., & 30th., 1862 in the Vicinity of Groveton, Prince William Co., Va. Made by the authority of the Hon. G. W. McCrary, Secretary of War. Surveyed in June 1878 by Bvt. Maj. Gen. G. K. Warren ...

30"h x 26"w. Troop positions overprinted in color. Bears a "Note" under the scale. Similar to Stephenson 577.5.

For General Fitz-John Porter's trial growing out of the battle of Second Manassas (2nd Bull Run).

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Harper's Ferry Prepared by Bvt. Brig. Gen'l. N. Michler, Major of Engineers from Surveys under his direction . . . 1867.

Under bottom neat line: Surveyed & drawn by Maj: J. E. Weyss, assisted by F. Theilkuhl, J. Strasser & G. Thompson. Photolith. by N. Y. Lithographing, Engraving & Printing Co., Julius Bien, Sup't. 22"h x 27"w. Edges lightly toned; a few small chips. Image is excellent.

From Military Maps illustrating the Operations of the Armies of the Potomac & James... Published 1869 by the Office of the Chief of Engineers, War Department.

The skillful use of hachure line dramatizes the terrain at the intersection of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Fortifications printed in blue. Shows names of residents, railroads, roads, and terrain features.


Phillips, List of Geographical Atlases, Vol. 3, #3688.
Stephenson, Civil War Maps An Annotated List, 697.6.

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